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Waving the flag of #SoilHealth at an open field event for young citizens

28 October 2022
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An open field event aiming to educate young citizens on the importance of soil health took place in Italy on Saturday, 22 October. The field day was dedicated to young farmers and consumers (20-25 years old) and it was organised with the Operational Group of Filierba, which aims to develop food chains based on species-rich grasslands. 

28 participants traveled to Valchiusella, a small valley near Turin, where some of the actions of the Operational Group of Filierba take place. They were educated to observe the characteristics of a healthy soil, recognise the importance of soil health and understand the connection between healthy soils and healthy food.

TUdi team leader Laura Zavattaro of University of Turin was the first one to use the recently designed project flag , which aims to raise awareness of the importance of soil health and hint towards the soil restoring tools and strategies, which are to be developed by the project.

Image: TUdi team leader Laura Zavattaro with the TUdi flag

Image: The participants in the open filed day, organised by TUdi