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TUdi kick-off meeting presents main point of actions and partners

22 July 2021
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The TUdi kick-off meeting was held on 22 and 23 July 2021. 35 people from 15 organizations across 2 continents and 2 islands (China, Hungary, Spain, Bulgaria, Czechia, Austria, New Zealand, the UK and Italy) met online. They discussed the main goals ahead of the project and presented their main strengths and expertise.

Among the presentations were those of:

- The Chinese Northwest A&F University that focuses its research focuses on collecting data on soil water monitoring, soil nutrients and root systems;

- The Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Science, University of Turin, focuses its research on sustainable grassland systems and policies aimed at enhancing soil health and mitigating negative climate change effects;

- Surface roughness, hydrological classification of soils, soil erosion, irrigation and drainage, these are some of the interests of the The Institutes for Land and Water Management Research, and Soil Physics and Rural Water Management - the Austrian participants in TUdi;

The presentation of Pensoft from Bulgaria focused on the company's tasks in the project and outlined its experience in social media set up, brand identity, website design and logo development, as well as project collection in an open access journal, and preparation of communication strategies;

"It is very interesting to see so many international partners and interdisciplinary knowledge", said Pilar Vizcaino, project officer for TUdi. We are really happy to have such support from the EC, as well as the guidance it provides.