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TUdi questionnaire for farmers now complete

3 October 2022
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Project TUdi has recently conducted an online questionnaire for farmers with the aim of collecting the necessary information on farmers’ knowledge about their soil and what tools would be useful for better soil preservation.

The goal of project TUdi is to create a set of simple instructions and tools with the help of which it will be possible to identify the potential danger of degradation of the soil and restore its properties in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In order to do that, TUdi has developed a questionnaire to understand farmers’ knowledge on their soil and the tools they use to preserve it. Approximately 65 farmers participated in the survey and had to answer questions about the types of soil degradation, irrigation systems, soil health and more. The goal of the questionnaire is to find what tools farmers would like to have at their disposal, as well as what they don't need or what they already have.

All the participants received gifts for their contribution in the survey - a memory stick with information about sustainable practices and a small bag with seeds that can be used as cover crops.

The online survey took place between 03 March and 30 September 2022 and it was aimed specifically at professionals in the farming field.