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TUdi Project Board meeting: What have we achieved so far

27 October 2022
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After a busy summer season for TUdi, partners continue with an update of the latest project achievements. To do so, TUdi held an online Project Board meeting last Monday, 18 October 2022. The meeting was chaired by the project’s co-coordinator Ms Xiaoping Zhang.

One of the main highlights of the meeting was the newly developed experimental meta-database (WP1), that acts as a repository, where partners can make queries on various experiments, especially soil degradation processes. After a first database webinar held earlier in October 2022, Tudi is planning a second one in November 2022.

As a next achievement, TUdi WP2 partners presented their collaboration with partners from China with the goal to identify relations between the problems of soil degradation in Europe and China. In addition, WP2 shared their progress on the development of the farm management tools for soil health - one of the key results of the project.

WP3 presented their progress on the provision of a comprehensive scientific and technical framework for the soil restoration strategies, one of the key aspects of which is the establishment of data collection practices.

Another aspect of TUdi is the economic and social sustainability of soil restoring strategies. In this regard, WP4 is currently identifying pilot farms in all partner countries, which will help start a cluster analysis of socioeconomic opportunities.

Against this background, TUdi is working hard to establish a network and thus upscale soil restoring strategies (WP5). National and international meetings with stakeholders are being held on a regular basis in order to guarantee a multi-actor approach.  

“TUdi is a technical project but we should not forget to look for windows of opportunity for collaboration among partners. We produce practical knowledge and tools for soil degradation and at the same we exchange valuable scientific insights across continents.” pointed out Ms Xiaoping Zhang as a closing remark to the meeting.

With an outlook towards the next in-person meeting in 2023, partners continue on the TUdi work towards healthy soils on a global level.