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TUdi partners set out for a day of field measurements and data collection

7 August 2023
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TUdi’s Austrian partners BOKU conducted field measurements in Donnerskirchen, Burgenland, Austria, that comprised infiltration measurements for estimating soil hydraulic conductivity and soil penetration resistance measurements to assess any compacted soil layers that may be harmful to plant development. 

Furthermore, BOKU analysed the soil surface in regard to plant species diversity and visible biopores from animal activity, investigated the effects of different management systems, including no-tillage and reduced tillage, on biological, chemical, and physical soil parameters. The data is then collected by TUdi’s UK partners Lancaster University, who analyse the impacts of management actions and plant traits on soil health parameters.

The collection and analysis of the data is part of TUdi’s Europe-wide assessment to connect plant traits to soil health.

Image: TUdi's Austrian partners BOKU conduct field measurements