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TUdi educates school students on the importance of soil preservation

18 November 2022
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TUdi partner Juan Carlos García-Gil from ICA-CSIC gave a presentation to 45 secondary and high school students of the school “Santo Domingo Savio” in Monzón, Spain on 16 November 2022. The event was part of the CSIC's "Ciudad Ciencia" (City Science) outreach program, which is a scientific outreach project whose purpose is to present first-hand scientific and technological news to inhabitants of remote localities of large urban centres.

For more than 10 years Juan Carlos García-Gil has taken part in this program, which is coordinated by the Deputy Vice Presidency of Scientific Culture and Citizen Science. The main topic of his presentation was about waste treatment and its influence on organic matter in soils, which is based on information gathered from experiments conducted within TUdi. 

The students were introduced to TUdi and its mission and they learned about topics such as waste generation in general, the treatment systems for the organic fraction of the waste, the composting processes, how obtaining quality organic amendments is important in the mitigation of gases that descend into the climate by reducing their disposal in landfills, such as for use in agriculture and help reverse soil degradation processes by increasing organic matter content.