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How to improve the resilience of the olive sector: International workshop

3 October 2022
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TUdi was a part of an international workshop organised by the International Olive Council (IOC), which took place in Lisbon, Portugal from 27 to 30 September 2022. The main topic of discussion were the initiatives to increase the resilience of the olive sector.

The workshop gave an overview of several topics related to the sustainability of olive oil, opening minds to new sustainable thinking. The first part of the event focused on the conservation of the genetic resources of olive trees and research into varieties that are resistant to different biotic and abiotic stresses, while the second stage covered olive growing in the context of climatic changes: chilling requirements, drought, etc.

In the third part of the workshop called “Sustainable olive farming and conservation of biodiversity in olive groves”, TUdi coordinator Dr. José A. Gómez gave a presentation on soil management to optimise soil and water use under changing climate conditions.

Speakers at the event emphasised the need to share results, through field guidance, teaching new generations about new technologies and techniques, and improving farm management to help business.

Image: Some of the participants in the International Olive Council (IOC) Workshop