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TUdi releases new interview with agroecology experts from China

24 July 2023
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In June 2023, during TUdi's annual meeting held in Yangling, China, we had the opportunity to visit the Changwu Station, an agro-ecological station in the Loess Plateau, situated in the Shaanxi Province. In the course of the visit there we conducted a video interview, featuring productive discussions about soil health with experts from the Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University and the Changwu Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. 

Throughout our interaction with the experts, Rui Feng, representing the Changwu Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, provided us with valuable insights into the specific conditions prevalent in Changwu County. He also shed light on the most common soil issues faced in the region and shared the proactive measures being undertaken to address them. In addition to this, the video also features a walk-through of a flourishing apple orchard, where the Japanese Fuji apple variety is cultivated.

Watch the full video interview below: