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'Effects of micro-dams in potato cultivation', оnline lecture by Matthias Konzett

Online lecture on the effects of micro-dams in potato cultivation by Matthias Konzett (English subtitles)

The importance of soil health to farm animals

The role of vegetative barriers in the possibility of sediment connectivity (English subtitles)

Gullies in olives - practices and strategies (English subtitles)

Take care of your soil (English subtitles)

TUdi 2023 highlights

Aggregate Stability Tea Strainer Test

Micro-dam technique in potato cultivation by Günter Haslinger (English subtitles)

Incorporation of frost-resistant greeing at a field day in Zerlach, Austria (English subtitles)

Interview with TUdi's Chinese coordinator Prof. Xiaoping Zhang

Vegetative covers against erosion (English subtitles)

Phenological evaluation of native plant species (English subtitles)

Experts discuss soil health at Changwu Station, Shaanxi Province

Aggregate stability test with Petri dish